Everything flows; nothing remains.

Life is change.

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w w w . E R I C M O E R S C H E L . d e

german photographic autodidact.
runner, marathoni, vegan. born *72.
live and work 40km apart of frankfurt.

eric moerschel selfie

working as a male nurse in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic context.
co-therapist in behaviour therapy for adult
running therapist

a half carpenter, an educated architectural draftsman, long long longtime student of architecture (cancelled),
10years medical rescue service at the german red cross.

photographically endeavored in reducing the insignificant, to focus on the significant.
for me photograpy is just another analogy for life. like running, too.

i love to get in my photo mode, searching for motives, to disappear the mundane surface,
to mute the monkey mind, to dive into the moment.

souvenir photos of being present.
snapshots of personally nows.
photographically based reality reduction.

mostly, the captured photo is just a byproduct,
of a revised and simplified moment.

trying to savour my time.

"never take a picture of anything you are not passionately interested in."

- lisette model -